The Family Foundation

About the Foundation

The Family Foundation was founded in 2014. The mission of the Foundation is to help people who find themselves in a difficult life situation, have been affected by a serious illness and in particular children and their parents making it easier for them to find themselves in a new situation which is a child's disability.

Goals of the foundation


Bringing help to people affected by serious, curable diseases


Helping people waiting for difficult or expensive medical treatments


Helping particularly gifted children who are in a difficult financial situation


Supporting particularly talented people who can not pursue their projects due to a lack of financial resources


Assistance to educational and
care facilities


Undertaking and supporting activities in the field of dissemination of preventive health care


Undertaking and supporting activities related to the
promotion of education among persons and children who have difficult access to it


Providing help to persons in a difficult financial situation and institutions of major social importance in a difficult financial situation

Family Foundation board

Małgorzata Kirchhoff

Małgorzata Kirchhoff

The president of the Foundation

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Management, specialization in personnel management at
the University of Business in Wroclaw, completed law and administration studies, postgraduate real
estate appraisal, licensed property manager. Employee of a local government unit.

Working in a foundation means satisfaction and a lesson in life. The ability to act for the benefit of
another human being. Privately, my mother has 2 adult sons.
Hobbies – theater, skiing, travels

Anna Alencynowicz

Anna Alencynowicz


Absolwentka Śląskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Katowicach. Pracowała z dziećmi niepełnosprawnymi między innymi w Górnośląskim Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka im. Jana Pawła II w Katowicach.

Ukończone szkolenia:

  •  „Współczesne metody diagnostyki i leczenia tkanek miękkich”: moduły- I,II,III,IV,V,VI PNF podstawowy Kinesiotaping w medycynie i sporcie (organizator Kinezjotaping Polska)
  • „Nowoczesna fizjoterapia chorych na mukowiscydozę” (organizator dr Teresa Orlik)

Udziały w konferencjach:

  • Nowoczesne metody w fizjoterapii
    i rehabilitacji” (organizatorzy: Śląski Urząd Wojewódzki, Fundacja Iskierka)
  • „Dzieci z chorobami rzadkimi-leczenie, rehabilitacja, edukacja. Choroby nerwowo-mięśniowe”(organizator: Fundacja „Potrafię Pomóc”)
  • „Dziecko z zaburzeniami neurorozwojowymi i my” (organizator: Klinika Pediatrii i Neurologii wieku rozwojowego SUM)
Bożena Zielińska

Bożena Zielińska

Foundation's Council

A graduate of the School of Commerce and International Finance in Warsaw, Faculty of International Trade and Logistics. Employee of a commercial law company as the chief accountant.

I am a responsible and reliable person. I have great satisfaction helping others and engaging in work for the benefit of society. I have volunteered at the Lady Ryder of Warsaw Hospice in Zielona Góra.

Izabela Tominiśka

Izabela Tominiśka

Foundation's Council